May 5 (after dinner)

Dinner was a series of traditional Japanese small plates. I asked the hostess and she said it was washoku, which basically means traditional Japanese food. We started with octopus tentacle, some kind of asparagus-like vegetable, and snail. We continued with four pieces of fresh sashimi which progressed from lean to fatty. Fish soup was next, followed by a tough but tasty piece of grilled fish. Then we were served our choice of hot pot protein; duck and beef.

We cooked the protein ourselves in a pot of broth on a small burner; we added mushrooms and green vegetables from a wooden tray. San pun gurai, she advised. About three minutes.


After the hot pot was another small plate of fried sea critter along with a fried flower of some kind. I regret being so ignorant about this meal but it was surprising and intriguing. The restaurant gifted us four raw squids in mustard sauce; another unexpected delight.

The last dish was fish chopped up in rice. We had about had our fill of seafood so we told her we were full. She brought us a nice tiny dessert of strawberries and cream, along with red bean paste and pistachio jelly.


After dinner we lounged in the private bath on our balcony. Lani went to sleep and I went downstairs for my first japanese private bath experience, having read up on the protocol on a large instruction sheet in English given to me by the front desk attendant.

The public bath was empty which was a relief because I didn’t have to worry about breaching protocols. The water was very hot and wasn’t sulfuric at all, which is what I expected. After about 15 minutes my head was spinning and my stomach was reminding me about all the new foods I just ate so I decided to come back upstairs and write these recollections.

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