Joe's OOO, guest post from Young Brizzy himself, Brandon.

Never fear, fellow lunchers! Just because EIC is MIA doesn’t mean you’re SOL.

We laughed, we lunched.

Today’s menu was The Saigon Sisters, so you know what that means...

We ate the food we ordered from The Saigon Sisters.

Mike, Kelly and Danny went the soup route. It was yellowish and looked pretty good. Brandon got a curry chicken bahn mi, so it too was yellowish. Kelly asked Brandon what he liked better, his sandwich, or a pork bao he also got. He’s been sitting on that question for the rest of the afternoon and still has no further update.


Also Mike and Brandon got vegetarian egg rolls for their meal, but they were undelivered, so we didn’t eat them. We don’t know how that would have affected the overall experience.

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Its Joe’s big day off from the blog, since he’s in Japan sleeping in a very small compartmentalized hotel and eating other types of lunches with wife.

We had an absolute hilarious conversation that everyone missed out on about children’s books. Haha I still remember some of the highlights. Then Kelly had a brief call with Jesse and had to step away from table. But she came back and resumed eating, so we carried on about childrens books. Again, laugh riot. Apparently these things are coming out without words now, what a world.


Desert (not pictured).


Apparently if you’re gonna have a sub-pump (spelling?), make sure you have an additional backup sub-pump (spooling?) thats battery-operated, otherwise your basements flooded. Mike’s got all of his precious’s up on risers cuz his basements is unfinished. Kellys basement got some water in it, cracks in the foundation. Dust in the wind.

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