We’re starting an exciting new feature on Team Lunch this week, Featured Eaters. Each week we’ll pick a member of the Team Lunch team and ask them a few lunch-related questions, to get to know each other better. Also, in case of emergency we can use the info we glean from these interviews to guess each others’ bank passwords. 


This week’s beautiful baby boy is Danny Cheng!

Hi Danny!

Happy to be here Joe! I love you and your blog more than my own children!

What’s the best lunch you’ve ever had?

Goats make me sometimes vomit!

What’s the worst lunch you’ve ever had?

I once made eye contact with a goat and felt my soul leaving my body so I had to eat a piece of chocolate, much like Daniel Radcliffe does in the Harry Potter series of films.

If you could be CEO of Univision for a day, what would you do?

I’d call up Comcast and ask them to put Team Lunch on the front page of every newspaper, blog, and podcast in the Continental US ! Then I’d put in place the events of the movie Inception to make Donald Trump have the idea to outlaw goats and then we just go around shooting goats like it’s going out of style.

Lightning Round: Word Association

Ok Danny, we’re going to say a few words and I’d like you to just say the first thing that comes to your mind.

OK Joe whatever you say. Again this is a pleasure for me.





Bank Password.


Note: Danny Cheng didn’t really say any of this. He was quite eloquent; a true gentleman. What you see here is the result of my classic make-em-ups. A ruse. A laugh!

Editor Emeritus at Team Lunch.

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