Almond Joy, or Almond Sadness?

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In the midst of a heated discussion on Almond Joy, Allison spilled that she had been hiding bags of candy for months. Candy that could have been enjoyed by the whole team. That’s pretty selfish of you, Allison!


Said bags of candy contained the ambrosia we desperately craved after an intense debate. In my opinion, Almond Joy is pretty good when the nugget contains 2 almonds. Only Bucky enjoyed the luxury of two almonds, worth two gallons of water. Bucky, as always, a class above the rest of us. Prithvi, Ashley, and my own nugget had a single almond, haphazardly placed between mushy cocount and mass-produced milk chocolate, seemingly in err.

Allison’s Joy contained half an almond. A fate befitting of a candy hoarder.

Allison’s Almond Sadness
Allison’s Almond Sadness
Photo: Allison

Is Almond Joy good or bad? Do you have any opinions on Mounds? Let us know in the comments.

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